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Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel Welcomes Janet’s Premium Cultural Outlet

Janet's Sheraton Aggie Grey's Hotel

Janet’s Sheraton Aggie Grey’s Hotel

Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows, Apia, Samoa (as reported in Samoa Observer)– Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s today formally welcomed the opening of a new premium cultural outlet by Janet’s. The opening of the new cultural outlet and creative space in Sheraton’s Apia property marks another new chapter for Samoan Tourism since the multi-million dollar redevelopment of the Aggie Grey’s Hotel unveiled last year to the public in Samoa’s capital township.

Janet’s, a celebrated retailer and member of Samoa’s cultural industry will enhance the Sheraton Samoa experience by showcasing to Sheraton Samoa guests a wide collection of cultural and artistic productions from both Samoan and Pacific artists.

“Janet’s is honored to partner with Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s on this new cultural space. Aggie Grey and her family have been at the center of Samoan hospitality since the 1930’s. The redevelopment of Aggie Grey’s Hotel last year under the Sheraton flag was a milestone for all Samoa. Janet’s is proud to contribute to the legacy of this great name and property and to continue to delight visitors with the best in Samoan fashion, art and culture”, said Janet Sablan, Director of Janet’s.

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Mark Francis the General Manager for Sheraton Samoa said “everyone at Sheraton Samoa is delighted with this new partnership with Janet, due to its focus on and contribution to the local community. Janet’s focus on creating souvenirs based on the local Samoa culture and art not only makes the artefacts authentic, they are also giving back to the community by providing employment and promoting the traditional arts and craft.
We are proud to be able to share this with Janet’s”.

For Sheraton Aggies, Janet’s adds Continue reading

To Sua Ocean Trench – Journey to a Pacific Marvel

A magical Place created by nature, few swimming holes in the world match the splendor of Samoa’s heavenly To Sua Ocean Trench by K. Masters


  • A Naturally formed volcanic pool in the south pacific Paradise of Samoa (on the Island of Upolu) formed by an ancient dormant lava system.
  • Two skylights were formed after thousands of years of erosion caused by wave action led to the collapse of the lava tube.
  • Climb down a 30 meter ladder into a cavern with a sandy bed floor and clear waters
  • The To Sua site also features gorgeous coastal views, beautiful gardens, samoan day houses (fale) to relax in, rock pools, a separate private sandy beach and miniature blowholes.


The Leaping Man

You’ve seen the picture even if you’ve never heard of Samoa – A shirtless man in shorts is captured mid jump, suspended in air, his launching pad is a wooden ladder perhaps 50 foot tall lowered into an impossibly large swimming hole. Above the cave grows lush green vegetation; a still body of water below.

You place yourself in the man’s position and imagine yourself shouting for joy as you enter the crystal clear turquoise waters. I’ve done this many times before my visit To Sua Ocean Trench and was surprised to find that the famous site offered more than I had hoped for. Continue reading

SAMOA HOLIDAY: Top Accommodations in Samoa – Saletoga Sands Resort


Newly Opened Saletoga Sands Resort and Spa has become one of Samoa’s most popular vacation spots. And for good reason, Located on the pristine South Coast of Upolu, Saletoga has quickly built a reputation for being a family friendly resort and a much sought after Wedding venue.

The boutique resort is managed by Continue reading