Pacific Rebirth

Pacific RebirthPacific Rebirth – It was this time last year that Cyclone Evan laid waste to the environment of Samoa and impacted many people’s lives. What we came to know as a catastrophic storm was understood by our Pacific Ancestors as an event that was innately connected to all other things.

Our ancestors had a deeper connection to the environment than we do now and believed all things to be linked to each other in a dynamic netting/network.

There were things which were beyond our human interactions which had bearing on our lives. And everything had a reason for being . Our job is to stand up and face these events together as best we can.

Today marks the first anniversary of the day of Cyclone Evan. And through the strength and love of the Aiga Samoa has pulled itself back together. Alofa Atu to all our Pacific family who helped with the recovery and said prayers for Samoa during those times. Manuia!

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