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The Pacific Hook is a symbol of our ancestral ingenuity

Janet's 2018 02 08 F MASTER BRS103 I (Copy) The Pacific Hook is a symbol of our ancestral ingenuity, bravery, daring, leadership and harmony with the power of the Greatest Ocean on mother earth.

Tufuga Beau pays tribute to this lasting connection in this exclusive Master collection on display at Janet’s Culture Stores in Samoa and online for world wide shipping at

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel Taumeasina Island Resort

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Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel Welcomes Janet’s Premium Cultural Outlet

Janet's Sheraton Aggie Grey's Hotel

Janet’s Sheraton Aggie Grey’s Hotel

Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows, Apia, Samoa (as reported in Samoa Observer)– Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s today formally welcomed the opening of a new premium cultural outlet by Janet’s. The opening of the new cultural outlet and creative space in Sheraton’s Apia property marks another new chapter for Samoan Tourism since the multi-million dollar redevelopment of the Aggie Grey’s Hotel unveiled last year to the public in Samoa’s capital township.

Janet’s, a celebrated retailer and member of Samoa’s cultural industry will enhance the Sheraton Samoa experience by showcasing to Sheraton Samoa guests a wide collection of cultural and artistic productions from both Samoan and Pacific artists.

“Janet’s is honored to partner with Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s on this new cultural space. Aggie Grey and her family have been at the center of Samoan hospitality since the 1930’s. The redevelopment of Aggie Grey’s Hotel last year under the Sheraton flag was a milestone for all Samoa. Janet’s is proud to contribute to the legacy of this great name and property and to continue to delight visitors with the best in Samoan fashion, art and culture”, said Janet Sablan, Director of Janet’s.

Janet's 2017 06 09 - Janet's Sheraton Samoa 2_result

Mark Francis the General Manager for Sheraton Samoa said “everyone at Sheraton Samoa is delighted with this new partnership with Janet, due to its focus on and contribution to the local community. Janet’s focus on creating souvenirs based on the local Samoa culture and art not only makes the artefacts authentic, they are also giving back to the community by providing employment and promoting the traditional arts and craft.
We are proud to be able to share this with Janet’s”.

For Sheraton Aggies, Janet’s adds Continue reading

Janet’s Spotlight Presents – A Love Pacific Story: Klaus Van Heeswijk: Samoan Male Model and love of the Ocean

Love Pacific Samoa Coconut Oil

Love Pacific Samoa Coconut Oil

The 18 year old Klaus Van Heeswijk was someone who Janet’s approached very early on to represent the Love Pacific Coconut Oil Brand. Klaus looks exactly how you imagine a male model should look like: formed body in impeccable shape, perfect skin, chiseled cheek bones, clear wayfarer eyes and a posture and professionalism that suggests that he had done several modeling jobs in the past. It wasn’t surprising to discover that Klaus is a RED11 Model (New Zealand), nor that he had previously walked down the catwalks of Samoa’s various fashion weeks. It wasn’t until after the Love Pacific photo-shoot that the Janet’s team found out that this was Klaus’ first big job; one that he was very proud of.

“Rather than over thinking it, I decided that I wanted to accept the invitation to model for Love Pacific. When I saw the final photos I felt very proud of the shoot and the results with the Love Pacific Team given that most of us, including myself, had little proper experience beforehand”, Klaus said adding with a laugh “…and of course it is always fun getting compliments and comments from family and friends”.

A Love Pacific Model

Love Pacific is a brand of Virgin Coconut Oil body care from Samoa that Klaus was Continue reading

The Farm Girl from Savaii

Janet’s Spotlight Presents – A Love Pacific Story: Lumaava Tuna: The Farm Girl from Savaii

Elegant and soft spoken, Lumaava (Ava) has a smile that radiates friendliness and warmth. Although now living in Palisi, Ava is from the villages of Sapapalii and Faga on the big island of Savaii. Ava comes from a big family and has 5 sisters and 6 brothers, Ava being the youngest of the girls. On being asked to model for Janet’s Love Pacific photo shoot, Ava was proud that much of the organic virgin coconut oil used in Love Pacific body care products originates from her home Island of Savaii.

A Love Pacific Model

Love Pacific is a new brand of Virgin Coconut Oil body care from Samoa and Ava wanted to be a part of the Love Pacific Project from the moment she saw Janet’s call for models saying that “a lot of girls are dying to get the opportunity to model for Janet’s. Janet’s is well known especially for their TAV line of clothing …I wanted to be part of the Love Pacific Project and am happy for the opportunity.” Ava noted that by modeling she is fulfilling a dream that she has had since she was very young. “The Love Pacific model shoot was awesome. It was my first time doing a water photoshoot and very exciting. It was a good work out actually going through a range of poses and there was so much good energy”

Love of Modeling

Part of Ava’s larger motivation for joining the Love Pacific Project was her love of exploring new things. Growing up in Savaii, Ava would accompany her father on visits to the family farm and said of her family “my siblings would make fun of me that I acted as a model yet behind the scenes I was a farmer girl. My dad would say to me there is nothing wrong in wanting to be a model and a farmer and a university student at the same time and he is proud of the multiple roles I wanted to take on. I grew up as daddy’s little girl and I still am to this day.”

Whilst modeling has been one of Ava’s passions Continue reading

Janet’s Spotlight Presents “A Love Pacific Story” – Maria Kerstin : Our Lovely Half German, Full Samoan Model

Love Pacific Samoan Virgin Coconut Oil Frangipani fragance

Maria Modeling for Love Pacific in Samoa

“The camera definitely loves this girl”, was the first thing Janet’s shoot director said on seeing her. Maria Kerstin, half German (her father’s family from Cologne) and half Samoan (Mother from Satitoa Aleipata), was the consummate professional in front of the camera during Janet’s Love Pacific Organic Coconut Oil Photoshoot. Maria and her shoot partner Klaus were the first two models to be photographed during the Love Pacific campaign and set the tone and the standard for the rest of the day.

At only 19 years old, you would think her poise and control in front of the camera came from a lifetime of wanting to model; and you would be right. In her own words Maria noted “I have been Continue reading

Disney's Moana and Love Pacific's Sai

Janet’s Spotlight Presents – A Love Pacific Story: Tujumosairo Faataga, Our real life Moana

When planning out the launch of the Love Pacific Coconut Body Care line, the team at Janet’s combed through scores of applications within the first few days of advertising for models. Tujumosairo Faataga was one of the people who stood out

Tujumosairo Faataga is a 22 year old from the villages of Moataa and Asau Savaii. Tujumosairo, or “Sai” as her friends call her, was part of the first group of models for Janet’s Love Pacific Coconut Oil photo shoot series. Sai comes from a large family of 8 (5 sisters and 3 brothers) and regarding the uniqueness of her name explains ,“everyone thinks that I am half Samoan Continue reading

Disney's Moana - Beyond the Reef

Watching Moana: We are Voyagers by Lisha Sablan

I had to go back to watch Moana a second time mainly because my first time watching the Disney film was also the first time for the entire audience. The viewing felt more like watching a film with your extended family, so many oohs and ahhhs so many of the audience reacting to the experience in seeing Pacific island life on the big screen.

Moana captivated the audience in Samoa. We all had a sense of ownership in this. From the very first moment I learnt of Moana years ago I personally hoped for the best. I really wanted this film to live up to my expectations.

It was that important to me.

I grew up with Disney, my entire generation did – we are the generation that imagined we were Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel (my favorite), Pocahontas….. Never in our wildest dreams did we play and imagine ourselves as Taotaomona, Tangaloa, Puntan and Fu’una, Nafanua, Pele, Sina, Savea…

The creation of this film is not to be taken for granted.

Every turn and opportunity in the film was covered in Continue reading

To Sua Ocean Trench – Journey to a Pacific Marvel

A magical Place created by nature, few swimming holes in the world match the splendor of Samoa’s heavenly To Sua Ocean Trench by K. Masters


  • A Naturally formed volcanic pool in the south pacific Paradise of Samoa (on the Island of Upolu) formed by an ancient dormant lava system.
  • Two skylights were formed after thousands of years of erosion caused by wave action led to the collapse of the lava tube.
  • Climb down a 30 meter ladder into a cavern with a sandy bed floor and clear waters
  • The To Sua site also features gorgeous coastal views, beautiful gardens, samoan day houses (fale) to relax in, rock pools, a separate private sandy beach and miniature blowholes.


The Leaping Man

You’ve seen the picture even if you’ve never heard of Samoa – A shirtless man in shorts is captured mid jump, suspended in air, his launching pad is a wooden ladder perhaps 50 foot tall lowered into an impossibly large swimming hole. Above the cave grows lush green vegetation; a still body of water below.

You place yourself in the man’s position and imagine yourself shouting for joy as you enter the crystal clear turquoise waters. I’ve done this many times before my visit To Sua Ocean Trench and was surprised to find that the famous site offered more than I had hoped for. Continue reading

Culture is Everything – Samoa’s Masina Blue

Janet's 2016 08 29 CULTURE IS EVERYTHING - MASINA BLUE B_edited-3Since being launched in December of 2015 “Masina Blue” , a brand of Samoan designed and inspired jewelry, has grown in popularity and range. Masina Blue has been described as “chic” and “fun” and Janet’s Creative Director Lisha Sablan says that this was one of her goals from the beginning.

“I wanted to create something unique but complementary to Continue reading