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The Farm Girl from Savaii

Janet’s Spotlight Presents – A Love Pacific Story: Lumaava Tuna: The Farm Girl from Savaii

Elegant and soft spoken, Lumaava (Ava) has a smile that radiates friendliness and warmth. Although now living in Palisi, Ava is from the villages of Sapapalii and Faga on the big island of Savaii. Ava comes from a big family and has 5 sisters and 6 brothers, Ava being the youngest of the girls. On being asked to model for Janet’s Love Pacific photo shoot, Ava was proud that much of the organic virgin coconut oil used in Love Pacific body care products originates from her home Island of Savaii.

A Love Pacific Model

Love Pacific is a new brand of Virgin Coconut Oil body care from Samoa and Ava wanted to be a part of the Love Pacific Project from the moment she saw Janet’s call for models saying that “a lot of girls are dying to get the opportunity to model for Janet’s. Janet’s is well known especially for their TAV line of clothing …I wanted to be part of the Love Pacific Project and am happy for the opportunity.” Ava noted that by modeling she is fulfilling a dream that she has had since she was very young. “The Love Pacific model shoot was awesome. It was my first time doing a water photoshoot and very exciting. It was a good work out actually going through a range of poses and there was so much good energy”

Love of Modeling

Part of Ava’s larger motivation for joining the Love Pacific Project was her love of exploring new things. Growing up in Savaii, Ava would accompany her father on visits to the family farm and said of her family “my siblings would make fun of me that I acted as a model yet behind the scenes I was a farmer girl. My dad would say to me there is nothing wrong in wanting to be a model and a farmer and a university student at the same time and he is proud of the multiple roles I wanted to take on. I grew up as daddy’s little girl and I still am to this day.”

Whilst modeling has been one of Ava’s passions Continue reading

Disney's Moana - Beyond the Reef

Watching Moana: We are Voyagers by Lisha Sablan

I had to go back to watch Moana a second time mainly because my first time watching the Disney film was also the first time for the entire audience. The viewing felt more like watching a film with your extended family, so many oohs and ahhhs so many of the audience reacting to the experience in seeing Pacific island life on the big screen.

Moana captivated the audience in Samoa. We all had a sense of ownership in this. From the very first moment I learnt of Moana years ago I personally hoped for the best. I really wanted this film to live up to my expectations.

It was that important to me.

I grew up with Disney, my entire generation did – we are the generation that imagined we were Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel (my favorite), Pocahontas….. Never in our wildest dreams did we play and imagine ourselves as Taotaomona, Tangaloa, Puntan and Fu’una, Nafanua, Pele, Sina, Savea…

The creation of this film is not to be taken for granted.

Every turn and opportunity in the film was covered in Continue reading

Celebrating Toa Samoa – Nesian Creations

Toa Samoa Rugby League

Toa Samoa Rugby League

Celebrating Toa Samoa – Nesian Creations

Best of Luck to our Toa Samoa Warriors to face the World Champion Kangaroos of Australia in Rugby League’s new Four Nations Tournament.

The Samoans have been the dark horse of the tournament and Continue reading

Pacific Inspired Watches for Men and Women

Pacific Watches

Pacific Watches

Introducing Pacific Watches from Nesian Creations Now Available at Janet’s for both Men and Women – Janet’s is proud to partner with Nesian Creations in introducing beautifully made Continue reading

Hunter of the Ocean Golden Pacific Shark Pendant

Available at Janet’s and Online at

Janet's Samoa Jewelry Pendant Shell

Janet’s Samoa Jewelry Pendant Shell



















The Hunter of the Ocean – Made from Shell and Sharks Teeth

Reef and Ocean sharks of all kinds hunt beneath the deep blue south pacific waters. Rarely some of the Continue reading

Miss Samoa at Janet’s

Thank you to Miss Samoa Latafale Auvaa for stopping by to say hello. Wishing you all the best on your new journey representing Samoa to the world and also best of luck with your studies! Also pictured is the Miss Samoa Crown made from Samoan Native Shell. #misssamoa #janetssamoa

Miss Samoa at Janet's in Samoa

Miss Samoa at Janet’s in Samoa


GALUSHIRTstingraywhite 1

GALU Samoa presents PACIFIC STINGRAY. The Stingray (Fai) was revered in Samoan Mythology. This design shows the Stingray gliding through the warm Pacific Waters.

Introducing GALU: A New Brand of Samoan Clothing for Men Made in the Pacific from100% breathable cotton.

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What is GALU Samoa?



GALU – The 3 Elements


The GALU Logo was inspired by 3 important elements in Samoan and Polynesian Mythology and Culture – The Wave (GALU), the Stingray (FAI) and the Hook (MATAU).


 The first element is the ‘Galu’ or the Ocean Wave. The Ocean wave represents the dynamic power of nature. It also represents the cyclical nature of things (circle of life). It was the current and the waves (and understanding of these forces) that allowed the first Pacific people’s to settle the Pacific. A wave is merely the transference of energy from one point to another. A wave is nature’s expression of energy. Exploration is the Pacific people’s expression of this idea.


The Second Element is ‘Fai’ or Stingray. This element represents the beauty of Tagaloa’s  (God & Nature) Creations. The creatures of the Ocean give to the Pacific people both nourishment and was a source of creation beliefs in Pacific mythology.  


The final element is the ‘Matau’ or The Hook. The Hook is a symbol of Man’s ingenuity and skill in mastering his environment and providing for his family. The hook symbolises authority and the daring of a people to survive in the largest expanse of Ocean in the world.


These three elements make up GALU.