Janet’s Spotlight Presents – A Love Pacific Story: Klaus Van Heeswijk: Samoan Male Model and love of the Ocean

Love Pacific Samoa Coconut Oil

Love Pacific Samoa Coconut Oil

The 18 year old Klaus Van Heeswijk was someone who Janet’s approached very early on to represent the Love Pacific Coconut Oil Brand. Klaus looks exactly how you imagine a male model should look like: formed body in impeccable shape, perfect skin, chiseled cheek bones, clear wayfarer eyes and a posture and professionalism that suggests that he had done several modeling jobs in the past. It wasn’t surprising to discover that Klaus is a RED11 Model (New Zealand), nor that he had previously walked down the catwalks of Samoa’s various fashion weeks. It wasn’t until after the Love Pacific photo-shoot that the Janet’s team found out that this was Klaus’ first big job; one that he was very proud of.

“Rather than over thinking it, I decided that I wanted to accept the invitation to model for Love Pacific. When I saw the final photos I felt very proud of the shoot and the results with the Love Pacific Team given that most of us, including myself, had little proper experience beforehand”, Klaus said adding with a laugh “…and of course it is always fun getting compliments and comments from family and friends”.

A Love Pacific Model

Love Pacific is a brand of Virgin Coconut Oil body care from Samoa that Klaus was Continue reading