Disney's Moana - Beyond the Reef

Watching Moana: We are Voyagers by Lisha Sablan

I had to go back to watch Moana a second time mainly because my first time watching the Disney film was also the first time for the entire audience. The viewing felt more like watching a film with your extended family, so many oohs and ahhhs so many of the audience reacting to the experience in seeing Pacific island life on the big screen.

Moana captivated the audience in Samoa. We all had a sense of ownership in this. From the very first moment I learnt of Moana years ago I personally hoped for the best. I really wanted this film to live up to my expectations.

It was that important to me.

I grew up with Disney, my entire generation did – we are the generation that imagined we were Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel (my favorite), Pocahontas….. Never in our wildest dreams did we play and imagine ourselves as Taotaomona, Tangaloa, Puntan and Fu’una, Nafanua, Pele, Sina, Savea…

The creation of this film is not to be taken for granted.

Every turn and opportunity in the film was covered in Continue reading