To Sua Ocean Trench – Journey to a Pacific Marvel

A magical Place created by nature, few swimming holes in the world match the splendor of Samoa’s heavenly To Sua Ocean Trench by K. Masters


  • A Naturally formed volcanic pool in the south pacific Paradise of Samoa (on the Island of Upolu) formed by an ancient dormant lava system.
  • Two skylights were formed after thousands of years of erosion caused by wave action led to the collapse of the lava tube.
  • Climb down a 30 meter ladder into a cavern with a sandy bed floor and clear waters
  • The To Sua site also features gorgeous coastal views, beautiful gardens, samoan day houses (fale) to relax in, rock pools, a separate private sandy beach and miniature blowholes.


The Leaping Man

You’ve seen the picture even if you’ve never heard of Samoa – A shirtless man in shorts is captured mid jump, suspended in air, his launching pad is a wooden ladder perhaps 50 foot tall lowered into an impossibly large swimming hole. Above the cave grows lush green vegetation; a still body of water below.

You place yourself in the man’s position and imagine yourself shouting for joy as you enter the crystal clear turquoise waters. I’ve done this many times before my visit To Sua Ocean Trench and was surprised to find that the famous site offered more than I had hoped for. Continue reading