The Sister Patrick’s Golden Girls Samoa

SMP2014XMAS_(18)The Sister Patrick’s Golden Girls Samoa

By Lisha Sablan

The Sister Patrick’s Golden Girls Association held their end of the Year Party at Annabell Inn on Saturday, the 6th of December.

These matriarchs of Samoa represent our some of our Nation’s finest and bravest women who have contributed immensely to our country.

Amongst the Association are pioneers in Hospitality, Tourism , Fashion design ,Business, Politics, Activism and Dedicated mothers. These women led lives one can only read about in books and any young woman should hope to aspire to.

The formalities began with a prayer and a remembrance of friends who had passed. Smiles, laughter and tears where expressed as loving and humorous memories of the departed where shared amongst the Golden Girls. The festivities kicked off with Gift exchange and ever more laughter was shared as naughty “gag” gifts accompanied the actual gifts of many a lady.


Formalities continued with two raffle draws and concluded with the auction of a dress from the personal collection of the Legendary Mrs. Marina Grey. The ladies danced the day away , enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing on days past.

These ladies have known each other since their school days and are from a time where sisterhood and friendships where forged for life. This modern world is a place where friendships and relationships are often fleeting and a great many lessons can be learned from the Sister Patrick’s Golden Girls who have made a commitment to support, love and cherish each other for life. May they all continue to be extraordinary women and role models to our younger generations and may God continue to shower his Blessing upon them.


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