Breakfast with Sonny Bill Williams

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Sonny Bill Williams walks into the room and you can feel everyone’s body tense. When he speaks, you can hear a pin drop. We’re all familiar with that saying “larger than life”. When you meet Sonny Bill for the first time that’s exactly the impression that hits you. What’s true on the TV and mobile screen is true in real life: Tall, Tanned and handsome. When its time for pictures you don’t know who is more excited the women or the men, the young or the old, everyone wears a broad smile. And everyone is given access to him.

What never translates as easily, but what is most striking however Continue reading

Janet’s Sponsoring Laughing Samoans Fresh of the Blane

Fresh of the Blane!

Fresh of the Blane!

Laughing Samoans – Guess who’s coming to town? Samoa’s favorite comedy duo will be performing in Samoa in September. Get tickets while you can and see them FRESH OFF THE BLANE! Janet’s is always proud to sponsor the Laughing Samoans who spread laughs and love wherever they go.

The Laughing Samoans are bringing their all new show to Samoa just in time for the SIDS Conference and Samoa’s Teuila Festival.

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Janet’s Opens New Branch at Faleolo International Airport

Welcome to Janet's Samoa at Faleolo Airport
Welcome to Janet’s Samoa at Faleolo Airport

Janet’s, Pacific Retailer in Samoa, expands retail space.

Janet’s, a leading cultural and fashion retailer in Samoa, formally opened its new purpose built location at Faleolo International Airport as part of its drive to give customers better convenience in accessing Samoa’s cultural products.

The new branch holds a central and convenient location on the 2nd level of Faleolo. This latest branch Continue reading

Crocs Shoes at Janet’s in Samoa – Find the perfect shoe for you

Crocs Shoes at Janet's. Registered Crocs dealer in Samoa
Crocs Shoes at Janet’s. Registered Crocs dealer in Samoa

Janet’s New Arrivals of Crocs for July – A Look at one of our new Crocs Shoes – Adrina. Up to size 11 for Women (Black and Pink). 198 Samoan Tala. Many more styles Now In Store. Only at Janet’s.

Check us out at Janet’s the Official Crocs Distributor in Samoa

Janet’s ●►
2nd level Lotemau PH: 23371


Crocs Shoes at Janet’s. Registered Crocs dealer in Samoa

It takes a Family to make a Business Thrive

Original Sketches for the Development of first stylized coconut earrings
Original Sketches for the Development of first stylized coconut earrings

It takes a Family to make a Business Thrive

By Lisha Sablan, Creative Director of Janet’s &

It takes a family to make a business thrive. I’ve learned this growing up in Samoa. Think quickly about the most well-known businesses in Samoa and you’ll find that the core of most of them are composed of family members working together. This modern world is a place where making it on your own is not an easy thing. It’s a place where you must work hard if you want to create something lasting. We achieve this through Continue reading

Stan Walker, Lapi Mariner & Lavina visit Janet’s & Perform at Bill’s Boom Box

994125_615608035222321_705454540690922067_nStan Walker & Lavina Performing at the Boom Box – If you’ve already

bought tickets to the DREAM BIG CONCERT on Saturday 12th of July in Apia you are in for a great show.

A big thank you to Stan Walker, Lavina for taking time to visit Bill’s Boom Box and Janet’s. The Well-known performers are in Samoa to Continue reading